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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Silent camera: no hacking required with CenRep101F8809

change Nokia Symbian phone camera shutter sound
If your phone won't let you switch off its annoying camera shutter sound, there are a couple of different methods to make your camera quiet anyway. Unfortunately they all require that you hack your phone first.

But there's a camera silencing method that works without hacking. CenRep101F8809 has been floating around on different mobile phone forums for a while, and it works on phones that have the file 101F8809.txt in the folder c:\private\10202be9 on your phone's internal memory.

The CenRep101F8809 method works on the Nokia 6110 Navigator, 6120 Classic, N73, N81, N82, N95, N95 8GB, E51, E66, and E71.

It won't work on newer phones like the N78, N79, or N85, because they use a different camera program. To switch off the camera sound on these phones you need to hack Symbian first and then use this ROMPatcher patch.

If the CenRep101F8809 method should work on your phone but doesn't, disable the warning tones in your silent profile and restart your phone. Now the camera sound should not sound in silent mode.

CenRep101F8809 needs to signed before you can install it, but it does not require a "strong" certificate. Any certificate will do, and you can even use Open Signed Online.

CenRep101F8809 direct download (

• check the camera sound label for other methods to silence your camera


Hadi E said...

I Confirm that it's working on my E51 (fw 300.34.56) in Silent mode

Amadeu said...

Worked on Nokia 6210 Navigator
But then I notice that the autofocus disapeared... then I remove the aplicative, turn off and on my nokia, and the autofocus reapeared, still with no sound, great! :)

diyon said...

Working in my Nokia 6110 Navigator, in silent profile :)

diyon said...

Working on my nokia 6110 Navigator, in silent profile

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's working on my Nokia X5-01 in silent mode, thanks a lot! :D

Anonymous said...

Hei, thanks a lot!
it's working on my nokia X5-01 :D

Haiya nguyen said...

Irvan said it work on nokia X5-01 i wonder how u do this because im confuse on what to do