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Thursday, 23 April 2009

JoikuSpot (Light) updated: turn your 3G phone into a Wi-Fi router

JoikuSpot Symbian mobile phone 3G UMTS Wi-Fi internet connection
JoikuSpot links your 3G connection to Wi-Fi to turn your mobile phone in a wireless router. If your phone can only go online by 3G (UMTS etc.) because there's no open Wi-Fi router around, just make your own wireless hotspot with JoikuSpot and share your phone's internet connection with your laptop, PDA, or iTouch without cables or complex programs.

JoikuSpot Light is free, but only supports http and https. This means you can use JoikuSpot Light to surf the web, but not for email of the POP and IMAP type, P2P file sharing, media streaming, or FTP. If you can't live with the limitations of JoikuSpot Light there's a €15 premium version that does all the internet protocols.

JoikuSpot Light at (free, but limited to http and https)

I couldn't find any useful info on the Joiku site about a trial version of JoikuSpot Premium. Where to get it, how long does the trial last, can you test all features, that sort of thing. But Mobile Castle has a way to take JoikuSpot Premium for a test drive if you want to try before you buy:

JoikuSpot Premium at Mobile Castle (unofficial trial edition, no limits, unsigned)

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