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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fring adds WeFi for Wi-Fi

VoIP Skype instant messaging chat program fring for Nokia Symbian S60
Fring is an instant messenger and VoIP application that lets you chat and call on many networks. Skype and standard SIP VoIP, GoogleTalk, MSN (Windows Live), ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, Twitter, and the chat function of social networking sites like Facebook and orkut: it's all in fring.

Update: fring is no longer a multi-network messenger. They kicked 'em all out, fring now only works on it's own fring network. My advice: don't use fring.

And that's not all. Fring is also a GMail notifier, radio, Facebook tool, and Twitter app.

And now there's something extra: fring has added WeFi, a tool to find free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Makes you wonder what fring will add next. A web browser? An FTP client? A coffee maker?

fring site with all info and download details
straight to the fring download page (tip: you don't need to enter a real email address in the "get fring via PC" box)

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