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Monday, 20 April 2009

Nokia PC Suite and iSync still suck

Nokia PC Suite and iSync
Nokia PC Suite is updated to version, but don't expect anything new except for some bug fixes under the hood. The system requirements are still totally ridiculous given the limited functions of PC Suite. For example, PC Suite is still incapable of non-destructive restoration of backups: you can't make PC Suite restore a backup without losing all your new messages, notes, and calendar entries.

iSync lets you synchronise your calendar and contacts between your Nokia and your Mac. The latest version also works with the Nokia E75. And that's all. There's still no "Mac Suite" for Nokia yet, because Nokia doesn't really care about there customers if they use Mac or Linux.

PC Suite and iSync connect your computer and phone by USB and bluetooth, but not by Wi-Fi.

Nokia PC Suite

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tamayo said...

Using PC suite: I just upgraded my E71 with the latest firmware the other day.
Before upgrading I made a backup.
After upgrade I did a restore. It worked fine. All my contacts SMS messages and settings were there, except for some programs like google maps end gmail which I downloaded manually.
So it does work.

symbian underground said...

Of course your old contacts and messages were restored, but were your NEW contacts and messages still there?

With "new" I mean the contacts you added and the messages you sent and received AFTER you made the backup?

If PC Suite managed to merge your backed up messages with the new messages that you received after the backup that would be an entirely new and undocumented feature of PC Suite that no previous version ever managed to do.