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Friday, 24 April 2009

Navigation, maps, and public transport with Metro, 8Motions, and Locify

Métro public transport navigation for Symbian, 8Motions maps and geotagging, Locify with online and offline maps

Métro tells you how to travel in the most efficient way between subway and railway stations, tram and bus stops, tourist attractions, and other places. You can make Métro calculate the fastest route or choose the trip with the minimum number of connections.

Métro knows the routes and stations of subways, trains, trams, buses, and ferry lines of about 400 cities. Public transport info is stored on your phone so you can navigate the routes and times without a live mobile internet connection. That's a great way to avoid expensive data roaming bills, and it ensures that you have public transport info at your fingertips in places without network coverage, such as deep down in subway stations or remote bus stops in the middle of nowhere.

The latest version of Métro is better at calculating routes from and to addresses from your phone's contact list, and it comes with updated public transport info for Bangkok, Berlin, Brussels, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Milano, Paris, and other cities.

Métro from


8Motions shows maps and satellite images from MSN, Google, Yahoo, and It can display FON Wi-Fi access points, geotagged photos, traffic info, WikiMapia entries, and notes from Flickr and Twitter on the maps. And you can upload your own notes and pictures to show to other people.

8Motions asks you to register and log in before it lets you download its program, but you can get it from Mobile Castle without logging in. (signup/login required)
8Motions v0.9.71 on Mobile Castle (open for everybody)


Locify displays maps from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and OpenStreetMaps, including aerial and satellite images. Locify can also read locally stored maps, but the process to add maps is quite complicated. The easiest way to preload maps to your phone is through GoogleMaps 2 Trekbuddy. Navigation with Locify sucks, but location based Wikipedia search, events, weather info, and pictures from Panoramio work quite well.

The latest Locify edition features bug fixes, faster loading of offline maps, and improved geocaching.

If the Locify download page says the program won't work on your phone, just try it anyway. If your phone is of a fairly recent model Locify will probably work, even if the Locify download page says it won't.

GoogleMaps 2 Trekbuddy (the easiest way to preload maps to your memory card)

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