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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

PowerMP3 for music, YouTube and MobiTubia for YouTube

PowerMP3 beta for Symbian S60 3rd ed., YouTube and MobiTubia

Even though the program is still in beta testing, PowerMP3 is already the best music player for Symbian.

It plays mp3, ogg, aac, and mp4 files, and m3u playlists too. It has a sleeptimer, it's got an equaliser, and an "exclude" option for small files and files of low bitrate (to keep your ringtones out of your music library). It shows album art, and it can download album covers for you.

PowerMP3 sorts your music by mp3 tag like Symbian's own player, and it plays folders the way LCG Jukebox does. PowerMP3 is the closest to WinAmp you can get on a Symbian phone.

Test version 1.05 had a bug that made some programs show error messages on exit, but that problem is fixed.

Mobifactor will probably charge money when the beta test is over, so use the free version while supplies last. If we're lucky the beta test version will keep playing forever.

Note to Mobifactor: don't end the beta test yet, because you still need to fix some things. PowerMP3 often fails to find tracks in m3u playlists if I use my Nokia's default music player to add tracks to them. And the central key is sometimes labeled "my music" when it's real function is "play."

If you try to install the latest version of PowerMP3 on top of an older version and it doesn't work, try uninstalling the older version first. If the old version refuses to go away just switch your phone off and back on. This update issue is another good reason why the free test period should continue for a long, long, long time ;)

PowerMP3 v1.08 at Mobile Castle

If v1.08 doesn't work for you, check if you have more luck with an older version:
PowerMP3 v1.07 at Mobile Castle
PowerMP3 v1.06 at Mobile Castle
PowerMP3 v1.05 at Mobile Castle
PowerMP3 beta 2 at Mobile Castle
PowerMP3 beta 2 at Mobifactor

• for more music players check the music label

YouTube and MobiTubia

YouTube for Symbian doesn't have all the features of YouTube in a web browser on a computer, but you can watch YouTube videos on your phone with it. YouTube for Symbian is a lot faster than mobile Java YouTube applications.

When you install YouTube it asks you to pick your location from a list of only 5 countries, but that doesn't matter. Just pick any country you like and the program will work. And if you can't download the latest YouTube for Symbian version from the official YouTube site, you can get it from sites like Mobile Castle.

Tip: you can erase your search history and other private data, but that option is hidden in the help menu.

The latest version of YouTube for Symbian works with on screen keyboards (good news for Nokia 5800XM users), but some people report that the new edition often plays movies at the wrong speed. If the latest version doesn't work for you, just put the previous version back on your phone.
Update: YouTube fixed the problem, so if your movies play to fast then update to YouTube 2.0.11.

If you don't like YouTube's official program at all, you can also watch YouTube content with MobiTubia. This program was recently updated to work with YouTube's new system, and the user interface received some cosmetic changes too. (on the fly installation)
YouTube 2.0.11 on Mobile Castle (downloadable installer)

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