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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The new Opera Mini: don't throw your old version away yet

Symbian's built-in web browser is pretty good, but Opera Mini is better. It compresses content before sending it to your phone to speed up browsing and reduce data traffic, and that's just one of the features that makes you want to use Opera Mini as your phone's default browser.
Opera Mini mobile phone web browser
The latest edition of Opera Mini adds URL autocompletion, up and downloading of files without having to launch the standard Symbian browser, and page caching for offline viewing. And Opera upgraded its proxy servers so your pages load faster than ever.


The old Opera Mini (versions 4.0 and before) had a "problem" with displaying javascript-generated ad banners that worked out to your advantage: Opera's inability to display Adsense banners was an unintentional junk filter that kept the pages on your phone clean and uncluttered. But the new Opera Mini displays all those annoying ads by Google and others, which was to be expected. After all, Opera Mini is sponsored by Adsense from Google. Opera no longer bites the hand that feeds it.

If you want to surf the web without ads from Google's banner farm, keep the old Opera Mini 4.0 on your phone. Or use TeaShark.

The new Opera Mini from the official site
The old Opera Mini 4.0 and other old versions
TeaShark, an Opera Mini alternative

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