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Monday, 19 May 2008

Nokia fights back: don't update your fimware yet if you want Symbian hacked

New methods to hack Symbian and make it do what you want (install anything, see all files and folders, remove the camera shutter sound) are popping up like crazy now that the locks are broken, but Nokia fights back.

The latest firmware of the Nokia E90 won't allow you to install AppTRK, a program that is required for the three RAM patching methods that appeared recently: the old Python script method, the ROMPatcher way, and the BiNPDA hack.

So if you have hacked your phone or if you want to, think twice before installing a firmware update from Nokia.

It won't be long before the hackers will find a way around Nokia's counterstrike. And then Nokia will cook up some new firmware to block the new hacking methods. And then the hackers will strike back. Etcetera.

The mobile arms race has begun.

Update: the latest firmware updates for the N95-3 and 6120 Classic are new victims of Nokia's attempts to snatch control back out of your hands. And other models will follow. Firmware updates are turning bad indeed.

Update 2: Hackers vs. Nokia 2-1. New HelloCarbide method lets you set your phone free again, even with the new firmware updates.

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