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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Nokia Maps 2.0 is out

The kinks seem to be ironed out and the bugs appear to be killed. Nokia Maps 2.0 has graduated from beta testing, and version 2 is way better than the previous edition.

New features in Nokia Maps 2.0 include:

• Better search. The clumsy old menu with the jungle of input fields is replaced by a single search box on the main screen.
• In addition to car navigation there's a pedestrian navigation mode without car-free street or one-way street restrictions.
• Satellite and hybrid map/satellite view in addition to the standard map view: Nokia Maps now looks like Google Maps.
• Traffic info (Europe only, but this may change).
• Built-in option to save a screenshot of your map window. Great if you want to show someone where to go by MMS or email.

Nokia Maps
In my tests, all my saved maps from Nokia Maps 1.0 worked fine in version 2.0. But the maps designed for version 2.0 are generally better and more detailed than the old maps. So if you have maps stored on your memory card, downloading a set of fresh new maps is definitely a good idea.

Of course you can update your maps with Nokia Map Loader, but if you can't or don't want to install Nokia Map Loader or the .net framework that the map loader needs to run, or if you run Linux or Mac instead of Windows, or if you're at work or school or in an internet cafe where you can't install anything, get your maps straight from your web browser with this Nokia Map Loader alternative.

As before, browsing maps on your phone with Nokia Maps is free, and voice navigation costs money. However... routing, which used to be free in Nokia Maps 1, now also requires that you buy navigation. And the free trial is gone as well.

Download Nokia Maps from the official site
Nokia Map Loader Alternative

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