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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Google terrorism: Google Maps tries to murder Mobile GMaps

Mobile GMaps
Mobile GMaps beats Google Maps and Google doesn't like it. MGMaps can display Yahoo Maps (way better than Google Maps), Windows Live Maps, Maps, OpenStreetMap maps. It used to display Google Maps too, but Google bullied the Mobile GMaps developers into ending support for Google Maps with a terror letter full of legalese.

Unlike Google Maps, which always requires a live internet connection, MGMaps lets you download maps on your computer and store them on your phone so you don't have to pay for mobile data traffic to load maps. All maps can be overlaid with satellite, aerial, and subway maps. Mobile GMaps works seamlessly with your GPS, and support on the MGMaps forum is superb.

Mobile GMaps works on just about every phone that can run mobile Java programs.

So far so good, but...

Google doesn't like programs that are better than theirs. If you run Google Maps and Mobile GMaps on a Blackberry, Google Maps looks for applications with "GMaps" in their name and uninstalls them. Yes, you heard it right: Google Maps is sniperware!

So far Google Maps and Mobile GMaps manage to coexist on my Nokia, so it seems the Symbian version hasn't finished its terrorist training yet. But for how long?

Mobile GMaps homepage

MGMaps Map Downloader
MGaps forum

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