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Sunday, 4 May 2008

ActiveFile: a must-have Symbian file manager

ActiveFile is a file browser for your phone that lets you see all the folders that Nokia doesn't want you to see.

Better yet, ActiveFile lets you send protected files over bluetooth, which Symbian's built-in send application won't do.

ActiveFile comes with a lot of extras, including a screenshot function, a task manager, battery and memory monitors, a phone restarter, and an option to send fake SMSs to your inbox.

ActiveFile does a lot of things that X-plore (another great file manager) won't do. The same applies the other way 'round: ActiveFile and X-plore complement each other, so make sure to install both programs on your phone.

Unfortunately, you need to hack your phone or "sign" ActiveFile with a developer certificate for full functionality. There's also an "open signed" version, but Symbian Signed is even worse to deal with than Microsoft, and the developer version can do a lot more. To unleash the full potential of ActiveFile, set your copy of Symbian free.

ActiveFile signed (extremely limited capabilities), open signed online (limited capabilities), and unsigned (full capabilities)

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