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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Opera Mini: extend your battery life

Opera Mini
Opera Mini can use two connection types: "http" and "socket."

"Socket" will give you the fastest response time by keeping your connection alive no matter if it's used or not. But your battery pays for it: with a socket connection your phone's radio transmitter is busy all the time.

But "http" will give your phone's radio a break between loading new pages. And since your radio transmitter sucks your battery dry real fast, you can squeeze quite a bit of extra battery life out of your phone if you tell Opera Mini to use "http" instead of "socket" in the settings menu.

If your battery is about to run dry and the next charging opportunity is far away, you can buy some time if you visit the settings menu of your phone and you change your power-hungry 3G (UMTS) connection to the slower but much less energy demanding GPRS. Pages will load slower, but your battery will stay alive a lot longer. Don't forget to switch 3G back on when you have recharged your battery.

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