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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Opera Mini: go retro with an old version from way back, and change the name as well

Opera Mini
As says: "newer is not always better." This applies to firmware updates (may break the hack you used to set your phone free), Windows (Vista sucks, XP can be more or less OK if you tell it to behave), and it also holds true for the popular mobile web browser Opera Mini.

For example, the way Opera Mini choked on certain types of javascript worked out to your advantage all the way up to version 4.0: many javascript-generated advertisements, including the ubiquitous ad banners from Google, didn't make it through the servers of Opera Mini. That's a big plus for a browser that's meant to run on small screens. But since version 4.1 the ads come through, and unfortunately there's no Adblock plugin for Opera Mini like there is for Firefox.

And not everyone likes the new Speed Dial bookmark feature that slipped into Opera Mini sometime back when version 3 turned into version 4.

The official Opera Mini download site only offers the latest and the greatest, but you can download old versions since v2.0 from

This link also explains how you can change the name of Opera Mini. Wouldn't you love to have it display as Firefox, TeaShark, or Opera Classic on your phone?

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