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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Nokia strikes again: N95-3 update comes with adware and kills your hacks

New methods to hack Symbian and make it do what you want (install anything, see all files and folders, remove the camera shutter sound) are popping up like crazy now that the locks are broken, but Nokia fights back.

The latest firmware of the E90 won't allow you to install AppTRK, a program that is required for the three RAM patching methods that appeared recently: the old Python script method, the ROMPatcher way, and the BiNPDA hack.

And the E90 is not alone anymore. The long-awaited firmware update for the Nokia N95-3 makes your phone start up faster, and it comes with demand paging to keep more applications open without running out of memory.

But... the new N95-3 firmware turns your phone into a mobile shopping mall. Nokia has opened a new music store and they won't let you look the other way, and that's just one of the many advertisements for Nokia's online services and outlets.

Even worse, Nokia's AppTRK sabotage trick also hits the N95-3. And it seems there's an update for some product codes of the Nokia 6120 Classic with the same dirty trick. Just when you thought you owned your phone again, Nokia grabs the wheel back out of your hands.

So if you have stuff running on your phone that requires the Symbian hack, you may want to keep your old firmware until the hackers strike back.

Update: the new firmware for the N95-4 (the north american version of the N95 8GB) doesn't break the hack. The hack-friendly nature is only confirmed for firmware version v20.2.005, so double check the numbers if you want to play with fire.

Update 2: Hackers vs. Nokia 2-1. New HelloCarbide method lets you set your phone free again, even with the new firmware updates.

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