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Friday, 16 May 2008

Don't like the icons of java apps like Opera Mini? Change them!

Opera Mini
If you don't like the icon of a mobile java program, you don't have to look at it.

Mobile java programs come in the form of a .jar file, sometimes accompanied by a .jad file.

A .jar essentially works like a .zip or .rar archive. You can extract them, change, add, or remove files, and zip 'em up again.

If you open your .jar files with a program like iZArc you'll find a file called i.png. Just make your own image file (or download one), and drop it into the .jar. Your image should be in the .png format. The optimal size of your custom icon is 48x48 pixels, but smaller icons work as well.

You can make Opera Mini look like Firefox, put a Route 66 icon on MGMaps, or make TeaShark look like Jaws. You could even use a 1x1 pixel image or make your custom icon completely transparent to add stealth icons to your menu and standby screen.

All you need is custom icon file and a program that can edit .jar files. iZArc mods your .jars for free.

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