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Friday, 9 May 2008

ROMPatcher: hack Symbian to take control of your phone.

The newer flavors of Symbian, S60 v3 (Nokia) and UIQ (Sony Ericsson), seem like Fort Knox: they won't let you see all the interesting stuff in the system folders, you can't install programs unless they've passed the censors at Symbian Signed, and even then the capabilities of your programs are limited to what's good for you according to the powers that be at Symbian HQ.

But Symbian has been hacked! With a few modifications you can give yourself full access to the system folders on your phone, install unsigned programs, change icons and menus, etcetera.

There are two ways to set your phone free. One method requires that you install Python on your computer, the other is much simpler: ROMPatcher comes with a stand-alone Windows program to install ROMPatcher on your phone and give you full access to everything.

Get ROMPatcher here

Update: new HelloCarbide/ROMPatcher combo lets you install ROMPatcher on your phone without having to connect it to your computer. Details here.

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