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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Now even easier: Hack Symbian S60 to take control of your phone with the all-in-one package from BiNPDA

We had the rather complicated Python script and the somewhat easier ROMPatcher method, but now it's even easier to take control of your phone back from Nokia and Symbian Signed.

The people at BiNPDA have made an all-in-one package to give you full access to the system files and folders on your phone. If you combine it with the OPDA certificate and a signing program like MobileSigner you can sign and programs such as ActiveFile that are distributed unsigned.

To set your phone free you only need two programs: a .sis file for your phone to make it talk to a stand-alone Windows program. This Windows program then installs the BiNPDA Security Manager on your phone, and that's it: now you are in control. You can get both parts - the .sis and Windows installers - in a single download.

Once you've set your phone free, just launch the BiNPDA security manager on your phone, give yourself full permissions, and now you can do anything you like in those previously inaccessible system folders.

Take control of your phone: instructions and downloads

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