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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Symbian hack: install unsigned .sis files on S60 and UIQ

Hacking your phone with the Python script method for Symbian UIQ (or any of the hacks for Symbian S60) gives you even more freedom than it used to.

There's the sound mod, the midlet (Java program) permissions changer, the media player for Sony Walkman phones patched to run on other Sony handsets, and ways to get rid of the camera shutter sound.

And a hacked phone allows you to install the OPDA certificate, which lets you sign any Symbian software without having to go through the tedious procedure of Symbian's Open Signed Online, which is online but far from open.

And now there are new updated versions of the .sis installer mod so you can install unsigned .sis fils on your phone without having to beg Symbian Signed for the keys. Works on Symbian UIQ (Sony Ericsson) and S60 (Nokia).

There's more to come. Check out the to do list and the mods already available on

For detailed instructions on hacking Symbian and installing unsigned programs:

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Candra87 said...

bagi yang mau hack dengan cara lain

bisa liat di link dibawah ini