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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Change your camera shutter sound

change Nokia Symbian phone camera shutter sound
If you want to silence your mobile phone camera, your options are:

- ROMPatcher method for older phones (without feature pack) like the Nokia 5500
- The 101F8809.txt method for phones with the camera application z:\sys\bin\camcorder.exe, like the Nokia 6120 Classic, 6110 Navigator, N73, N95, E66, E71
- ROMPatcher method for newer phones with the camera application z:Sys\Bin\CamMojave.exe, like the Nokia N78, N82, N95, 6220 Classic.

But what if you want to change your camera sound instead of silencing it?

If your phone uses the camera application z:Sys\Bin\CamMojave.exe (for example, Nokia N78, N82, N95, 6220 Classic) you can use a ROMPatcher patch to change the sound.

What you need:

- A phone that uses the camera application z:Sys\Bin\CamMojave.exe (for example, Nokia N78, N82, N95, 6220 Classic)
- Your phone must be hacked
- ROMPatcher has to be installed
- A sound clip in .wav format, no longer than 1 second, called CamMojaveCapture3.wav, which you need to store in C:/system/Sounds/Digital/CamMojaveCapture3.wav
- This ROMPatcher patch.

Put the ROMPatcher patch in E:\Patches on your phone, save your sound clip as C:/system/Sounds/Digital/CamMojaveCapture3.wav (you have to make the Sounds and Digital folders yourself it they are not there yet), open ROMPatcher to activate the Change Camera Sound patch, and set your camera to use capture sound 3.

ROMPatcher patch to change your camera sound
How to hack Symbian
• check the camera sound label for ways to silence your phone camera

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Stefan said...

Hey there.

I used like 30 min trying to instanll the ROMPatcher, and when i finaly got it installed, i saw that u had to make a new CamMojaveCapture3.wav . When that was done, i noticed that there was no such folder C:/system/sound (on my nokia 6220 Classic) .. That means that i can't change the file.. What have i done wrong?

symbian underground said...

You have to make that folder yourself with a program like X-plore or ActiveFile.

The original camera sound file sits in Z:\system\sounds\etc., but you can't change anything on the Z drive so you can't replace that file.

That's where the ROMPatcher patch kicks in. It tells your phone to ignore Nokia's sound file in Z and use the sound file that you made in the folder that you created on C.