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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Text editor and dictionary: EasyEdit got better, Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan did not

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EasyEdit is a text editor for your phone written in Python for Symbian S60. It has an efficient and clean user interface that is much nicer and easier to navigate than the interface of other text editors like LightNotepad and DEdit.

EasyEdit supports many different text encodings, probably more than any other mobile phone text editor.

Version 2.01 of EasyEdit was completely rewritten from scratch and is supposed to be more stable than the previous versions. And stable it is: it worked on my Nokia phones without any problem.

Python should be installed on your phone, and EasyEdit should be installed on the same drive as Python.

EasyEdit v2.01 is unsigned. You have to sign it through the website of Open Signed Online, or with your own certificate, or you can simply set your phone free and never worry about the clumsiness of the Symbian program signing bureaucracy again.

Python for Symbian S60

Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan

Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan (not to be confused with Dictionary by Simon Judge) is a simple mobile Java dictionary. No translations, no speech function, no phonetic spelling, but just a simple description of what a word means.

Dictionary is a little bit too simple, though. It doesn't do T9 predictive text, it can only be closed with the red key, and when a word has multiple meanings it doesn't describe them all. Hitting the clear key of your phone doesn't just delete the letter entered last, but the entire word. "Backspace" is counterintuitively tied to the right softkey.

When you start the program, it displays an animated, Matrix-like screen, which is not to everyone's taste. Worse yet, the latest version added two distracting lines of scrolling text to the main window to promote the program and its maker, and there's a prominent link to tied to the left softkey that just gets in the way.

But Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan has all the interesting four letter words that are censored by other dictionaries, and it lets you bookmark words that you look up often.

Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan

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