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Friday, 23 January 2009

KillMe updated: close stuck and unnecessary programs

Symbian mobile phone task manager KillMe
KillMe is a Symbian S60 task manager which groups the running processes (including the hidden ones) on your phone according to whether it really needs them to keep running. It's the easiest way to close stuck programs that can't be killed from Symbian's built-in task manager. You can also use it to close non-essential processes to free some memory if you're running low.

The latest version of KillMe has less bugs, can terminate tasks with the delete key, has a "panic" tab, and can kill processes automatically at startup,

KillMe doesn't have its own website in english yet, but you can get KillMe in english at Mobile Castle. You'll need to sign the program or hack your phone to install unsigned programs.

KillMe v1.35 at Mobile Castle

This post was stolen without referring to the source by the copycats of SymbianCentral.


Anonymous said...

isn't it a 1.35 version

Thanks anyway,

symbian underground said...


I changed the link, but I forgot to change the version number in the text.

Blog entry updated now. Thanx for informing me.