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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Unpack .rar files on your phone with FreeUnRAR

FreeUnRAR Symbian rar archive extraction
Downloaded a .rar archive on your phone and looking for a way to open it? FreeUnRAR extracts it for you.

There's a strange bug in FreeUnRAR, but its effect is only cosmetic. All of the .rar files I fed into FreeUnRAR gave a "file not supported" error, but they were extracted anyway.

FreeUnRAR doesn't make .rar archives, it only unpacks them. There is no software to make .rar archives on your phone yet. New Nokia phones have a built-in zip extractor and creator. For older phones there are a couple of Symbian programs to make .zip files.

FreeUnRAR v1.01 by junnikokuki

Update: junnikokuki's site was offline last time I checked. You can get FreeUnRAR v1.01 at Mobile Castle:
FreeUnRAR v1.01 at Mobile Castle

FreeUnRAR alternatives:

MobileRar unpacks .rar, .zip, and 7z (7ZIP) archives (russian, but the program and its website are so simple that it doesn't really matter).
MobileRar site (english by Google translation).
• The Symbian file manager X-plore can unpack ZIP, RAR, and JAR files, and create ZIP archives.
• There's a ZIP plugin for Y-Browser.

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Claus said...

with X-Plore you can create rar-files