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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Web browser extras: customise Opera Mini with the hidden extra settings menu, backup your UCWEB bookmarks and settings with MyUCWEB Backup

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Opera Mini

Proxy-based, data traffic-reducing mobile Java web browser Opera Mini has two settings menus. There's the easy to find standard menu, which you can access by hitting the left softkey of your phone, but there's another settings menu that's not so well known.

Type config: into the URL bar, and you can configure a couple of extra settings.

Some useful extras:

- Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts to view sites written in languages for which your phone doesn't have the right fonts built in.
- Increase page loading timeout if you're trying to access a site on a slow server.
- Keep styling in RSS feeds to make them look better.
- Switch off "fold linklists," because this feature makes you click more as it often folds too much.
- Switch phone number detection off or increase the minimum number length if Opera Mini highlights numbers that are not phone numbers.

Opera Mini

Backup your UCWEB bookmarks and settings

Proxy based, data compressing mobile web browser UCWEB features tabbed browsing and more configuration and personalisation options than any other mobile web browser. It also renders web pages better than most other mobile phone browsers.

And with MyUCWEB Backup you can save (and restore) your bookmarks, settings, and custom shortcuts.

MyUCWEB Backup is a Python script, so you'll need to have Python installed to run it. Make sure to install MyUCWEB Backup on the same drive as Python.

MyUCWEB Backup
UCWEB official site
UCWEB 6.3 translated into english at Mobile Castle

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