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Monday, 26 January 2009

Morange crushed under its own weight

Morange mobile phone instant messaging, email, web browser, feed reader
Morange tries to do a lot. The program has grown into a mobile Java instant messenger, push email client, web browser, RSS feed reader, chat room, photo uploader, SMS, weather checker, and more. It's like having all your internet programs in one window.

The latest version of Morange does voice messages too.

But more is not always better. Morange has many features, but none of them is done right. There are better instant messaging programs, there are better feed readers, there are better web browsers. Its push email feature is the only reason why Morange is not totally useless. And because they've thrown in everything and the kitchen sink, the user interface is a mess.

Morange reminds me of the old CompuServe and AOL application: a Jack of all trades that crushed under its own weight.

Morange is adware. When I tried to use its web browser, it landed me on a page with advertisements. When I tried to close the ad-ridden page, Morange crashed.


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