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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Backup your messages with X-SMS and SMSBackUp

X-SMS, SMSBackUp, Backup SMS

X-SMS by Siraj is a Python application for Symbian which backs up your SMSs to a file. This way you can keep your old messages without an overflowing message box. You can choose to backup to txt, html, and doc. Future versions should include pdf as well.

X-SMS makes backups of your inbox only. It doesn't back up messages from other folders yet, and it won't restore SMSs back to your phone, but Siraj is working on it. Stay tuned!

X-SMS by Siraj


SMSBackUp is supposed to work like X-SMS. In addition, SMSBackUp should let you select which messages to back up, filtered by contact or date.

Unfortunately I couldn't get SMSBackUp working on any of my phones. Maybe you have more luck with your phone. If not, just try X-SMS by Siraj.


edit: The best way to backup and restore your SMSs is with ActiveFile.

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Sandeep Kohli said...

is there any software or trick to recover delete sms?