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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Light Control shines a new light on your phone

Light Control, Symbian S60, Nokia mobile phone
Light Control lets you control the backlight of your mobile phone screen and keypad. It gives you much more control over the light settings of your phone than Symbian's own display settings menu.

And there's more. Light Control can turn your phone into a flashlight by lighting up the screen to full brightness. And not just white light. You can choose what color flashlight you want your phone to be. Red, yellow, green, blue, whatever. Light Control can turn the camera flash into a flashlight on some phones.

Light Control can make your phone blink SOS in morse code too.

If you send Light Control to the background, it won't show itself in the Symbian task manager, so make sure to exit Light Control from the Options menu if you want to close the program.

Light Control is unsigned, so you'll need to sign it yourself or hack your phone so you can install unsigned programs.

Light Control versions 1.32 and 1.33 on Mobile Castle (the original Light Control homepage is in chinese)

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