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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

FortiCleanUp Tool stops the Curse of Silence SMS attack

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The Curse of Silence is an SMS exploit that hits many Symbian S60 Nokia phones. If you receive a malformed SMS, your message box is effectively blocked and you'll no longer be able to receive incoming SMSs and MMSs.

If you've hacked your phone to set Symbian free you can remove the offending SMS from the Symbian system folder, but for unhacked phones the recommended solution was to reset your phone and lose all your data. Of course you can make a backup before doing a hard reset, but if you back up your SMSs then the Curse of Silence SMS gets restored along with the rest of your data.

But there's no need for a hard reset. Fortinet made a Curse of Silence cleanup tool which you can use for free. It defends your phone against the attack, and it removes the Curse of Silence SMS if you're already bitten by it.

So if your phone is cursed by silence, or if you want to be prepared just in case you get attacked later, go get the cleanup tool.

Fortinet FortiCleanUp Tool


Anonymous said...

How to clean up manualy silence curse sms in hacked phone? Can u give me details..thankz

symbian underground said...

Open c(or e):\private\1000484b\mail2 in a file manager like X-plore or ActiveFile, find the file with the bad SMS, and delete it.