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Saturday, 3 January 2009

ApDLauncher: a faster way to your Nokia's programs and settings

ApDLauncher Nokia Symbian S60 shortcuts
The number of shortcuts on your Nokia standby screen is limited. For anything that you can't fit into the six or seven shortcut icons and the two configurable softkeys you'll have to open the menu and navigate into the folders.

Or you can use ApDLauncher. This program puts Nokia's programs and settings screens into a series of cascading menus, so you don't need to navigate deep down into your folders to launch them.

ApDLauncher v1.2.56 is geared towards Symbian S60 3rd ed. Feature Pack 2. It works on Feature Pack 1 too, but the shortcuts to Feature Pack 2-specific applications won't launch anything.

ApDLauncher might save you a few clicks, but quick access to ApDLauncher takes a shortcut on your standby screen. I'm not sure if it's worth a shortcut, because in its current state of development ApDLauncher has some serious limitations. You can't make your own menus, you can't move entries from one menu to another, and you can't add shortcuts to the programs you've installed yourself. Maybe that will be added to future versions of ApDLauncher?

Another free launcher is tutLaunch. This doesn't have cascading menus, and it won't launch some mobile Java programs, but tutLaunch lets you add your own choice of programs to the launch menu. It's a great program for combining your multimedia programs or settings panels under one shortcut, because these applications are usually not written in Java.

ApDLauncher v1.2.56 at Mobile Castle

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