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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Nokia Map Loader Alternative updated: get maps for Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta from any web browser on any computer with any operating system

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Nokia Maps can do something that competing navigation programs like Google Maps can not do: read maps stored on your memory card. This can save you a boatload of money on data roaming charges, and you'll always have the maps at your fingertips wherever you are, even in places where there's no mobile internet available.

Nokia's "official" way of preloading maps on your phone requires Nokia Map Loader, or Nokia Maps Updater for the latest beta test version of Nokia Maps 3.0. No problem if you have a PC with Windows XP or Vista, plenty of free memory and hard drive space, and unlimited install privileges.

But if you run Linux, if you have a Mac, if you want to load maps on your memory card straight from within Symbian, or if you're at work, school, in a hotel, in an internet cafe, or anywhere else where you can't install software without fighting with the local system administrator, Nokia Map Loader and Nokia Maps Updater are totally useless.

That's where the Nokia Map Loader Alternative comes to the rescue. This is a collection of links to all the maps on Nokia's very own Nokia Maps server. You can download all maps with any web browser on any computer using any operating system. Unzip 'em to the map folder on your phone's memory card, and you're done. Works on every computer with every operating system. No need to install anything. You can even use your phone's web browser to get the maps.

And now the Nokia Map Loader Alternative has the maps for Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta too. Of course it also has the maps for Nokia Maps 2.0 and 1.0, so all Nokia Maps versions for all phones are covered.

You can download the installers for Nokia Maps 2.0 (1.0 for older phones) from Nokia's web site. To install Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta you'll need to use Nokia Maps Updater, or get the .sis installer from elsewhere (see links below).

Keep in mind that Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta is an experimental test version full of bugs. It's nice to play with the beta test edition, but for real navigation use Nokia Maps 2.0 or 1.0.

Nokia Map Loader Alternative

Nokia Maps 2.0 and 1.0 and Nokia Map Loader
Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta at (does not require Nokia Maps Updater)

UPDATE: Nokia Maps 3.0 is out of beta testing, and is now called Ovi Maps 3.0.

Thanks to mailjony2 at Symbian Freak for reminding me it was time to update the Nokia Map Loader Alternative.

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