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Sunday, 22 February 2009

AvMapsLoader: a Nokia Map Loader alternative for Linux and Windows

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AvMapsLoader by Andreas Vogel is a lightweight alternative for Nokia Map Loader that doesn't require PC Suite. You don't even have to install it: you can run it straight from a USB stick.

It runs on Windows (.net required) and Linux (MONO required). There's no Mac version yet, and it won't run on Symbian.

AvMapsLoader won't connect to your phone, so you'll have to take your memory card out and put it in a card reader first. If you have an N95 8GB or other Nokia with fixed memory instead of a microSD card, AvMapsLoader won't work.

If you have a Mac, if you can't or don't want to install .net or MONO, if your phone doesn't have a removable memory card, or if you want maps for Nokia Maps 3.0 beta, you can use the Nokia Map Loader Alternative site, which works with all web browsers on all operating systems, even with the web browser on your phone.

Nokia Map Loader Alternative


Epic said...

This is the exact kind of development that S60 so dearly needs. :)

BTW it looks like the author's page has commenting disabled despite his suggestion to report success/failure of the app.

omega said...

Hi Epic,

thanks for your nice words. ;-)

I've updated the web site, added version 1.01 and added a link to my new Blog where comments should be able now.

omega said...

I've created a new version of AvMapsLoader.

This version supports now Nokia Maps version 2 and version 3.

Please note that the web address for the AvMapsLoader site has changed.

Please check it out here:


omega said...

I've just finished the new version 2.0 of AvmMapsLoader.

This version is now able to handle NOKIA Maps version 2 and version 3 map files.

Please note that the web site for AvmapsLoader has changed.

You can find the AvMapsLoader web site and the new version here: