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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Translate words with MDictionary, calculate things with cCalc

MDictionary Symbian mobile dictionary translation, cCalc scientific calculator

Symbian Dictionary program MDictionary has been updated. The new stuff is all behind the scenes, though. Some bugs were fixed, and MDictionary now supports new databases.

MDictionary has a very simple and efficient user interface. Changing the direction of translation is as simple as switching a tab. The number of available language pairs is modest, but since MDictionary is open source everyone can join the programmers and add new language pairs to the list.



The built-in calculator of Symbian is simple. Too simple. There are better calculators for Symbian. cCalc is one of them. It's a free scientific calculator with many functions, including programmable equations. Those who're into money will find a couple of financial calculation tools in cCalc. The latest update killed a bug, remembers your choice of "fix" and "sci," and you can customise the location where cCalc saves its data.

cCalc by Chua Welic

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