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Monday, 2 February 2009

Chat and SMS: instant messaging with Slick and onesoup, copy and restore SMSs with Oxygen, undo the Curse of Silence with Nokia SMS Cleaner

Chat and SMS: instant messaging with Slick and onesoup, copy and restore SMSs with Oxygen, undo the Curse of Silence with Nokia SMS Cleaner
Slick, multi-network instant messenger (free while beta testing lasts)

The latest version of multi-network instant messenger Slick now works with Nokia's touchscreen phone 5800 XpressMusic "Tube," and the ICQ and AIM bug (sends empty messages) is fixed.

Slick connects to GoogleTalk and other Jabber networks, and to MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and AIM. It supports file transfer, but not voice chat.

The beta test versions are free. Slick is supposed to go commercial one day, but the free beta test has been going on for so long that it's hard to believe it will ever turn into payware. And if Slick ever asks for money, there are plenty of other instant messengers that won't cost you a penny.



Most Symbian mobile phones have an instant messaging program built in. But hardly anybody is using it because the program doesn't know which messaging server to use until you tell it where to connect to. If your phone operator doesn't have a messaging server, or if they want you to pay extra to use it, you can still use the built-in messaging program of your Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, or Siemens, or BenQ phone with onesoup.

Onesoup is not a program. It's a website and a messaging server that lets you use the built-in instant messaging program of your phone. So now you can do something with that strange program on your Nokia with the yellow icon that's called IM.

If you use onesoup, your options are limited by the limitations of your built-in messaging program. You can send pictures, but not other files. And no voice messaging either. For those things you can use programs like Nimbuzz or fring, which let you send anything you want and do VoIP (including Skype) as well.


UPDATE: Connecting through onesoup is a hit-or-miss affair which fails very often.

Copy and restore SMSs with Oxygen and the tutorials from eViLrAcEr

You can backup and restore SMS messages with PC Suite or make a full backup of your phone memory with the built-in backup option of your phone, but if you restore the backup it will overwrite everything, including the messages that you received after you made the backup.

And it's hard to transfer your SMS folders to another phone without killing the messages that are already there.

But eViLrAcEr found a solution. He explains how you can copy your messages to another phone with the free trial version of Oxygen. Even better, he describes how you can restore backups in a non-destructive way: restoring a backup won't delete the messages that are already on your phone.

Copy SMS messages to another phone
Restore messages from a backup in a non-destructive way

Nokia SMS Cleaner

The Curse of Silence is an SMS exploit that hits many Symbian S60 Nokia phones. If you receive a malformed SMS, your message box is effectively blocked and you'll no longer be able to receive incoming SMSs and MMSs.

If you've hacked your phone to set Symbian free, you can simply remove the offending SMS from the Symbian system folder. Those who're not in control of their own phones can use the FortiCleanUp Tool. And now there's another way of getting rid of the Curse of Silence, because Nokia made its own cleaner, a month after Fortinet did their job for them. Better late than never...

Nokia SMS Cleaner

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