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Monday, 23 February 2009

Mobitol: copy and paste text from Symbian's built-in web browser

Mobitol copy and paste text from Symban web browser
The built-in Nokia web browser is pretty good, but there's something missing. Most Symbian web browsers let you copy text so you can paste it into a note, an email, your contacts list, or anywhere else.

But Symbian's web browser won't let you copy text from any web page.

Mobitol provides a workaround. Feed the URL of a web site into the box on and it will put the text of the site into a form box, from which you can copy it to paste it somewhere else.

Mobitol won't work with text in Flash, and it has problems with framesets. But on many sites it works. It also has an option to display the HTML source of a page ready to copy.


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