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Friday, 20 February 2009

Talkonaut looks better, Skype still missing

Talkonaut Symbian call and chat instant messaging and SIP VoIP
The user interface of Symbian chat and VoIP application Talkonaut looks better, the number of bugs has gone down, battery consumption is reduced, sound quality improved, and SSL encryption now works with every Jabber server.

Talkonaut lets you chat and call with Jabber (including Google Talk), ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo, and you can call with just about every VoIP service that uses the SIP protocol.

Unlike Nimbuzz and fring, Talkonaut won't use your phone's contacts list, and it won't work with Skype. But Talkonaut lets you store multiple SIP VoIP settings, which the competition does not, so it's a useful addition to Nimbuzz and/or fring. Its smiley support in chats is very good too.



Saneha said...

Talkonaut is more or less the same VoIP service that I am using right now, the only difference is Vopium Sync feature which helps me to store my contacts. I guess no other VoIP is offering this service right now ??

gtalk2voip said...

Talkonaut is Jabber/XMPP client in essense. It allows you to store these types of contacts: XMPP/Jabber/Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, SIP URIs and regular phone numbers. Contact are being stored into your roster (on Jabbers server you connect to), so you can switch phones and don't need to do any contact syncing, cause your roster will get loaded automatically.

Wilson Lacerda said...

Long, long time ago I wrote:

User Interface:

Sound quality:


Seems things are now getting better. Hope Talkonaut change their Skype thinking. And also fix the MSN "feature":

By the way, who wants to have 2 or more SIP VoIP providers with Nimbuzz or Fring, can use one of these IP PBX that I wrote about here:

Saneha said...

Thanks for providing info, i will defiantly give it a try...