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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Skyfire browser updated: now with Facebook, Twitter, better text fitting, and more

Skyfire mobile web browser
Mobile phone web browser Skyfire loads your pages through its own proxy servers. Skyfire supports Flash, Ajax, QuickTime, video, audio, and other features of the "full" web. You can choose between the full web page and (if available) the mobile version.

Skyfire 0.9 comes with Facebook and Twitter integration for those who care about those things. It also comes with better text fitting and page rendering, and you can download media files in addition to playing them. File size and battery consumption are down too. And Skyfire doesn't force you to do an on the fly install on your phone anymore. You can download the installer from the Skyfire site to your computer now.

The start page of Skyfire is crowded with an overload of USA-centered news headlines, but you can clean it up by removing all the excess junk from the "Customize" screen.

We're still waiting for T9 predictive text and multi-line text entry, and Skyfire is a very slow web browser. But it can play media files that no other mobile web browser can play, so it's a useful program to keep on your phone for music and movies. For example, Skyfire is the only browser for Symbian that can play the concert videos from

Update: Skyfire for Symbian is dead.

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