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Monday, 15 September 2008

MokBee Maps: far from ready

MokBee Maps
MokBee Maps from TerraPages is a new map application for mobile Java.

The MokBee Maps settings menus promise that MokBee can show maps from different map sources: TerraPages (including satellite pictures), Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and OpenStreetMaps. However, on my phone it only displayed TerraPages maps of Australia. Zooming in on other countries produced blank screens, even though GetJar promises that MokBee Maps "will put the world literally in your pocket."

Maps are fetched from the TerraPages map server. You can't download them on your computer to send them to your phone, but you can choose to store the maps your phone downloads so you don't need to use mobile data traffic next time you view them.

On my Symbian phone the program was very slow, and many of the features in the settings screen come with a "yet to be implemented" or "placeholder" message.

Maybe MokBee Maps will mature into something usable, but in its current state MokBee is nowhere near as well developed as Nokia Maps, Locago, or Mobile GMaps. Even Google Maps beats MokBee Maps.

If you want to try MokBee:

MokBee Maps on TerraPages (official site)
MokBee maps on GetJar
MokBee maps on Mobile Castle

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