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Friday, 19 September 2008

Nokia Enhanced Calculator, Calc4M, and EasyCalcBasic

Nokia Enhanced Calculator for Symbian S60
The built-in calculator in Symbian S60 lacks many features. The simple calculator program Calcium is a good replacement, and cCalc is a suitable scientific calculator.

Nokia's non-Symbian calculator is way better than its Symbian counterpart. It includes a basic calculator, a scientific calculator, and a loan calculator. To let Symbian catch up, Nokia Beta Labs released a mobile Java version of the S40 calculator. If all goes well, they'll eventually turn it into a native Symbian application to replace the current S60 calculator.
The latest version of Nokia Enhanced Calculator should not only work on Nokia phones, but also on Samsung handsets, and probably also on other devices that can handle mobile Java programs.
Since it's a Java application it starts quite slow. That should be solved once the native Symbian version is ready.
Nokia Enhanced Calculator info and download

Calc4M combines basic and scientific functions in a nice interface with many useful configuration options. Its very suitable for science, since it has many conversion options and all the important physical constants are built in.
Calc4M home
Calc4M at GetJar

EasyCalcBasic is a scientific calculator with a very user-unfriendly interface. The way you have to feed calculations into the program is highly counterintuitive. The author must have been joking when he called his program "a very simple calculator."
If you want to try it anyway:
EasyCalcBasic at GetJar

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