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Monday, 1 September 2008

DAO4Sync and LTH_Copy2S60: access your phone from your computer

computer to Nokia Symbian phone connection
DAO4Sync turns your Nokia phone memory into a local drive on your computer, so you can use your computer to open files on your phone just as if it was a normal external drive, something Nokia PC Suite won't let you do. If your edit files when your phone is not connected, DAO4Sync can synchronise your computer and phone data next time you hook 'em to each other.

LTH_Copy2S60 is a command line tool to transfer files from your computer to the memory card in your phone. Drop it in your "send to" folder and you can right-click any file and send it to your phone straight from the context menu.
LTH_Copy2S60 requires .net framework.

Unfortunately DAO4Sync and LTH_Copy2S60 cannot be used as PC Suite alternatives, since both programs require that you connect your phone to your computer with PC Suite. Just having the Nokia driver installed is not enough. It would be a huge step forward if the developers of DAO4Sync and LTH_Copy2S60 can make their programs work with a stand-alone driver.


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Anonymous said...

A new version 1.7.2 of DAO4Sync has been released. With Desktop integration of your contacts and messages.