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Monday, 22 September 2008

Mobile Java instant messengers: eBuddy (now with Facebook chat) and Xumii

eBuddy mobile messenger
In addition to Symbian instant messengers like fring, Nimbuzz, and Slick you can use mobile Java instant messengers on your Symbian phone.

eBuddy is an excellent mobile Java IM program that beats many of its Symbian competitors, such as Morange, Palringo, and Talkonaut. eBuddy has a clean, easy to navigate interface, talks with the MSN/Live, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, AIM, MySpace, and (new!) Facebook chat networks, and supports custom emoticons.

There's also a mobile web version of eBuddy that works in your mobile web browser: no need to download or install anything.
Tip: the mobile web version of eBuddy also works on your computer. Very useful if you're sitting at a computer that won't let you install things, like at work, school, or in a hotel or internet cafe.

You can download eBuddy from the eBuddy site, or try the web version on

A minor annoyance of eBuddy is that it wants you to install it on the fly from your mobile web browser. To download it to your computer for archiving, or to replace the icon, sounds, or splash screen in the .jar installer, go to, select your phone brand and model, download the .jad file, open it in a text editor like Notepad, and use the URL from the .jad file to download the .jar installer to your computer.

Another mobile Java chat program is Xumii. It talks to AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN Live, and GoogleTalk. Unfortunately its interface is terrible, and its install procedure is even worse. If you want to give it a shot, click to

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