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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Locago updated: cosmetic changes

Locago free maps and navgation
The latest version of mobile Java navigation program Locago has restructured menus and other cosmetic changes to make it easier to use.

Locago features on screen navigation and many map overlay options, including linking maps to Wikipedia articles, Reuters news, the Yellow Pages, and more.

Locago official web site

Locago mobile site (works in a normal web browser too) which lets you download a .jad file so you can install the program without using your mobile web browser (choose "install anyway")

• Installer files: download the Locago .jar and .jad files, transfer them to your phone, and then launch the .jar or the .jad to install the program on your phone

1 comment:

Locago team said...

In addition to the cosmetic changes in Locago, we now use available information to determine the first map view and home position.
Stay tuned! The Locago team