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Friday, 29 August 2008

Locago: Experimental navigation program with looooots of useful extras

Locago free maps and navgation
Locago is a free new mobile Java navigation program with maps, on screen navigation, and the possibility to overlay the maps with links to Wikipedia articles, Yellow Pages content, Flickr images, Reuters news, landmarks (tiny pictures of buildings overlaid on the maps), weather, and much more.

You can display maps in many different ways, with or without streets, buildings, parks, water, etcetera.

So is there nothing missing? Well, there is. Navigation only works on screen, but maybe voice navigation will come later. You can't preload maps to your phone, so you'll always need an active internet connection while using Locago, which can be very expensive when roaming abroad.

Locago also has the bad habit of trying to make you install the program on the fly from your mobile web browser, but fortunately there are ways around that.

Locago official web site

Locago mobile site (works in a normal web browser too) which lets you download a .jad file so you can install the program without using your mobile web browser (choose "install anyway")

• Installer files: download the Locago .jar and .jad files, transfer them to your phone, and then launch the .jar or the .jad to install the program on your phone

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