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Thursday, 25 September 2008

MyNotes does more than Symbian's built-in Notes application

MyNotes notes application, Symbian, mobile Java
Symbian's minimalistic built-in Notes application does its job, but MyNotes does more than that. MyNotes lets you organise your notes into folders (very useful if you have lots of notes), and you can password-protect your notes to guard your secrets from nosy eyes.

The program could use a few improvements. Some ideas for a future version of MyNotes:

- Use the central navigation key everywhere, in addition to (or instead of) the left softkey. When MyNotes refused to respond to the central navigation button I thought the program was broken.

- Use the left and right navigation keys to browse folder structures. Right now only the up and down keys work. Opening a folder or going up in a folder tree requires the options menu under the left softkey. There's no need for those extra clicks.

- The delete key doesn't delete notes. Why not?

- Show notes on launch. Things like "settings" and "service" can sit in a menu under one of the softkeys.

- MyNotes is written in mobile Java, so it takes a while to start up. MyNotes as a native Symbian application would run a lot faster.

But even though the program starts up slow and the user interface has quite a few shortcomings, MyNotes is worth a try because of its folder organisation and password protection.


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