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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Force-feed your folder structure to Nokia Music Player

Nokia Symbian S60 Music Player
The music library in Nokia's Symbian S60 music player organises your music by tags, but it ignores your folder structure. LCG Jukebox has a built-in file browser to use your folders, but it ignores your tags. It's expensive too.

But you can have the best of both worlds: use a program like Mp3tag to set the names of your folders as tags. For example, the "composer" tag is of little to no use if you don't have any classical music, so you can use the composer tag for your folder names. If you don't use the genre tag, you can use this as a folder tag instead.

Mp3tag and TagScanner are free Windows programs that make it very easy to edit the tags of many audio files at once. They work with mp3, aac, and other music formats. Of course there are similar programs for Linux and Mac.

Free mp3 tag editors:
Mp3tag for Windows
TagScanner for Windows
EasyTAG for Linux
MP3 ID3X for Mac
EasyTAG for Mac

Symbian S60 mp3 player rant

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