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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Time for FreeTimeBox; FreeTimeSync out of time

FreeTimeBox Symbian clock manager
FreeTimeBox is a program to set your Symbian clock and display it in every screen of your phone.

You can make FreeTimeBox run in the background on demand or automatically at startup to display a clock on your screen. Always and everywhere: in the programs menu, in any application, in all Symbian configuration screens, you can always have a clock on display wherever you want. There's only one place where FreeTimeBox won't show a clock: on the standby screen, because this screen has a clock of its own.

FreeTimeBox lets you control the location, size, color, transparency, and font of the clock. If you'd rather not have the clock show up in certain applications, you can simply exclude them from the settings menu. You can also switch the time display feature off completely.

In addition, FreeTimeBox can connect to a time server to synchronise your mobile clock with an atomic clock, just like FreeTimeSync. As the author of FreeTimeBox and FreeTimeSync says on his blog: "As an evolution of FreeTimeSync, FreeTimeBox has all the functions of FreeTimeSync and fixes the bugs of it." You can choose to sync your clock on demand or automatically every time you boot your phone.

You don't even need a mobile internet connection to synchronise your clock. FreeTimeSync can set your clock using GPS and SMS. If you feed your own phone number in FreeTimeSync's configuration box it will sync your clock with the time info from your own phone company.

The latest version comes with WAP synchronisation, can show seconds in addition to hours and minutes, has three time format options (12 hour, 24 hour, and the phone system default), and lets you choose which programs may display a clock by whitelisting in addition to the original blacklist (exclude) method.

FreeTimeBox from junnikokuki

If you don't trust the accuracy of the default time server (or if the default IP address gets out of date - FreeTimeBox can't handle domain names) you can make it connect to any other time server you like. Two lists of time server IP addresses that work with FreeTimeBox:

1. NIST time server list
2. List of time server addresses at

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