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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Nothing new in new Opera Mini

Opera Mini web browser for Symbian mobile phones
The latest version of proxy-based data compressing mobile phone web browser Opera Mini comes with a slightly altered set of out-of-the-box bookmarks. Other changes, if any, are under the hood. Video support it in its infancy, there's still no T9 predictive text in the URL entry box, and the option to delete cookies remains hidden all the way down at the bottom of the settings screen.

Most S60 3rd ed. Feature Pack 2 Nokia phones are not listed on the Opera Mini download page. Opera Mini works on these phone models, but if you choose "PC Download" you'll have to get the Generic Version. Make sure to choose the "Advanced MIDP2" option.

If you already have version 4.2 of Opera Mini updating is not worth the trouble. Remember to sync your bookmarks if you do update, because Opera Mini deletes them and it doesn't have an "export bookmarks to file" option.

Opera Mini
Opera Mini hidden settings

Opera Mini alternatives: UCWEB and TeaShark.

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