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Monday, 3 August 2009

Web browser jB5 freezes too often

jB5 Symbian mobile phone web browser
Mobile phone web browser jB5 can connect you directly to the internet, or through a proxy server of your choice. Images can be shown at full size, fit to screen, or not at all. You can save pages for viewing offline, and jB5 can identify itself as Mozilla to force websites to deliver the full site instead of a mobile version.

You can store multiple connection settings profiles to quickly pick the best settings for your current connection method. Saving settings is slow and requires a trip to the options menu, or else your changes are lost when you leave the settings screen.

Unfortunately jB5 often freezes while it's loading pages, and scrolling is the opposite of smooth. Hopefully this will be fixed in future updates.

The jB5 website wants you to sign up before it lets you download the program, but BugMeNot usually has working login details for those who don't want to share their email address with jB5. The jB5 download page asks you to choose your phone model from a list that lacks modern Symbian phones, but you can pick any Symbian S60 3rd ed. phone from the list because they all use the same file anyway. Well, almost all... don't pick an ancient Nokia that runs Symbian S60 2nd ed. if you want to use your download on a 3rd edition phone.

• jB5 login details on BugMeNot

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