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Sunday, 16 August 2009

The themes they are a-changin': Theme Scheduler schedules profiles and wallpapers too

Theme Scheduler by Dr. Jukka for Symbian S60
Theme Scheduler changes the theme of your mobile phone on schedule. You can also link themes to your current active profile, so that your phone changes theme when you change profile.

This can be useful if you often switch between silent, offline, and loud profiles, and you want a visual indication of the type of active profile all over your phone's user interface instead of just a bit of text on your standby screen. For example, you can use a red theme for normal profiles to warn you that your phone may make noise, a green theme for silent profiles, and a white or dull grey theme to indicate that your phone is offline.

Theme Scheduler can now also schedule your wallpaper, so you can automate switching your phone from a serious corporate style during business hours to a sexy look at night, or add an extra visual cue for the silent, noisy, offline, or online status of your phone.

Theme Scheduler comes in two versions: signed and unsigned. The unsigned version is free, but you'll have to run it through the Symbian Signed bureaucracy before you can install it on your phone, or sign it with your own certificate, or hack your phone to set it free from the claws of Symbian Signed. There's also a signed version of Theme Scheduler, but publisher IDs cost money, so the signed version is bundled with adtronic.

Adtronic is a horribly intrusive application that pollutes your phone with advertisements (even when Theme Scheduler is not running!), so better get the unsigned version of Theme Scheduler. Signing the program or hacking your phone takes a bit of extra work, but allowing adtronic to infect your phone is much, much, much worse.

Theme Scheduler by Jukka Silvennoinen

If you like Theme Scheduler, you may also want to try Profile Scheduler.


Kevin T. Neely said...

I think it's perfectly reasonable for developers to charge a little bit of money in the Ovi Store for signed versions of apps. This should be a good way to recoup the signage cost, as well as make a little bit of money for further development.

symbian underground said...

Ovi store? Theme Scheduler is a download straight from the makers site. I just had a look in the Ovi store, and Theme Scheduler isn't even in there.

Concerning the signage cost: this unnecessary price tag (which adtronic exploits) only exists because Symbian Signed made software signing compulsory instead of voluntary.

Because of Symbian Signed freeware developers have to pay to give their work away, unless they use a middle man like Open Signed Online (bad) or adtronic (even worse).

antshpra said...

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