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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Change the look and feel of your phone: GDesk standby screen editor and ThemeEdit

GDesk Symbian standby screen builder, floui S60 active standby replacement, ThemeEdit theme editor

Personal standby screen builder GDesk you can put as many program shortcut icons on your mobile phone display as you can fit on it. The calendar plugin can customise the look and feel of the calendar box on your home screen, and the clock plugin offers way more time and date display options than Symbian's own standby screen. With so many features you'd almost forgive GDesk for its high memory consumption and lack of bluetooth, internet, and operator indicators.

GDesk v0.33g is signed with a new certificate. Until the new certificate expires you don't need to play with the date settings of your phone to install it. The new GDesk version also has a few Symbian S60 5th ed. fixes, so it works better on touchscreen Nokias like the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

GDesk v0.33g on MobileCastle

Official GDesk site
GDesk 0.33 all-in-one pack (recommended for first time users)


ThemeEdit lets you overhaul themes on your phone. Change the color, edit .mif and .mbm files, give your theme a new name, and remove themes that don't appear in the application manager.

ThemeEdit requires Python with extra modules, and your phone needs to be hacked and capability checking must be switched off.

ThemeEdit v1.00 english version at MobileCastle
ThemeEdit v1.00 discussion at Symbian Freak

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