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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Jbak TaskMan: test version with fewer bugs

Jbak TaskMan, Sybian task manager and program launcher
Jbak TaskMan shows hidden tasks, memory status, disk usage, and detailed task info. When the program is running, long-pressing the menu button launches Jbak TaskMan instead of Symbian's built-in task manager.

Since the last "complete" version, about a dozen test updates have been released. New features: a quickstart folder and a "kill all" function. And some more bugs were fixed in the latest release candidate. This test version is not available from the official Jbak TaskMan site, but Mobile Castle has a copy for you to try.

Jbak TaskMan site (latest full version and some test versions)
Jbak TaskMan v1.00 R13 (test version) at Mobile Castle

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