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Monday, 31 August 2009

Free your phone: ROMPatcher+ updated and included in latest HelloOX2 hack

ROMPatcher, ROMPatcher+, HelloOX, and HelloOX for Symbian mobile phones

ROMPatcher+ by Il.Socio is a ROMPatcher spinoff that's being updated a lot lately. ROMPatcher+ lacks the "caps off" option in the menu. Instead, switching capability checking off is now done with a standard ROMPatcher patch. This may stop people from trying to disable capability checking on phones that don't support it.

You can apply and switch off patches in ROMPatcher+ with a single push on the button now. Some old ROMPatcher bugs were fixed, hitting "patch info" displays all info lines of a patch, and it works on touchscreens too. You don't need to store patches on drive E anymore, because ROMPatcher+ can run .rp files no matter what drive they're stored on.

ROMPatcher+ works on all phones that support the old ROMPatcher, and it works on new phones like the Samsung Omnia HD, Nokia 5630 XpressMusic, and E52 too. The most interesting update under the hood is that ROMPatcher+ supports more patch commands, which may lead to better patches.

Unfortunately the author of ROMPatcher+ included a "donate money" nag screen. Hopefully this annoying "feature" will be removed soon.

Symbian hacking tool HelloOX2 got updated too, and now it includes ROMPatcher+ by Il.Socio instead of ROMPatcher by ZoRn.

If you don't like ROMPatcher+ by Il.Socio (for example, because you hate the nag screen), you can keep using the old ROMPatcher by ZoRn. You can even keep both programs on your phone. Of course the old versions of HelloOX with ROMPatcher by ZoRn are still available. The choice is all yours.

ROMPatcher+ by Il.Socio

ROMPatcher+ on Symbian Freak (signup/login required to read and download)
ROMPatcher+ v2.00 mod by Nima79 on Symbian Freak (signup/login required to read and download)
ROMPatcher+ v2.00 mod by Nima79 on Mobile Castle (signup/login required to download)
ROMPatcher+ on Symbian Toys

ROMPatcher by ZoRn

ROMPatcher by ZoRn

HelloOX2 with ROMPatcher+ by Il.Socio
(the signed version costs US$5 and is advertised all over the site, the unsigned version is free but the download link is much less obvious)
HelloOX2 v2.02 on Mobile Castle (signup/login required to read and download)

HelloOX2 with ROMPatcher by ZoRn

HelloOX2 v2.01 at symbian underground

HelloOX 1.03

HelloOX v1.03
HelloOX v1.03 with ROMPatcher for Nokia N96

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